How to Get Started with Yoga Free Yoga lesson on YouTube. For complete beginners. 20-minute in home course.

Kundalini Yoga to Heal Stress and Anxiety by Valinda~Viriam. Kundalini Yoga is an ancient & highly effective yoga that transforms a person quickly & effectively in just 30 minutes!

Prenatal Yoga: Balancing and Energizing Prenatal yoga prepares body and mind for the changes of pregnancy and helps a women prepare for childbirth.

The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch Certification in Yoga instruction. Call for a free training manual when you sign up for the teacher’s training course, 1-800-783-YOGA or 845-436-6492

Total Transformation Yoga Teacher Training: Anatomy & Flow! by
Sadie and Tyler Learn and apply the 7 Core Cues for a solid understanding of how to use anatomy, biomechanics, physics and adaptation smoothly and easily in your students’ bodies!