Media Literacy By Rhoda Sims Molta, M.Ed

Media education provides an organizing structure enabling teachers to share the power of thinking with students, to show them ‘the way in,’ making sense of the vast array of electronic knowledge . . . . start from an inquiry model predicated on what students believe is important to them  . . . students overcome their resistance to thinking; motivation overtakes lethargy . . .

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Promoting Peace in a Chaotic World    By David Lucky

While many people are for world peace, and a lot of lip service is given to it, there isn’t a comprehensive plan about how to achieve it. . . there is no reason to be pessimistic . . . there doesn’t seem to be enough effort toward explaining to the terrorists the errors of their ways. The only message the terrorists are receiving is that of force. . . Here are my recommendations:

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Learn The Art of Networking For More Business Success     by George Wyatt, CEO of Office Plus

Certain strategies are key in effective networking to net you more business or land the job of your dreams. Following are the tactics to employ to get you employed or build your client list.

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Energy Audits: Why Start Here? by Leia Sims, CEM

This is where you get the biggest bang for your buck, and could save your life in the process.

Energy audits find many solutions to building problems. In addition to the energy savings and reduction in utility bills, energy audits will locate problems that are causing buildings to be uncomfortable, i.e. drafts, rooms unable to maintain temperature (hot/cold rooms), improve indoor air quality by reducing airborne dust and dander that irritate allergies, find solutions to moisture/mold problems, improve health and safety by locating carbon monoxide and gas leaks.

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