To Be Responsible for Health

How To Take Responsibility For Your Health & Wellness

By Robert H. Sorge, N.D., Ph.D.

The reality is our government’s so-called health care system is bankrupt. Why? Because it is an unrealistic ponzie scheme created by the disingenuous political leaders who made the same irresponsible promises in the past. Our government can’t even render proper care to our veterans who fought to defend our country.

How is it going to be responsible for the health of millions of morbidly obese baby boomers who stuff themselves with super-sized fast foods and sugary soft drinks? The idea that the government or some other entity is responsible for your health and wellness promotes other false ideas, such as, ideas that you can eat anything you want or that nutrition, exercise, weight, vitamins and life style have no relationship to the treatment or prevention of disease, or the idea of ‘better living through chemistry’.

If you are willing to face reality, then acknowledge you are responsible for your health and wellness.

What To Do?

1. Get off of all junk foods, sugars, foodless foods, devitalized foods, coffee, soda, margarine, white flour products, fried foods, hydrogenated oils, candy, donuts, fast foods, beer, wine and liquor. If you smoke, quit. Don’t permit smokers to light up in your presence. Second hand smoke kills.

2. Begin to become substance free. Check with your doctor as to how to get off over-the-counter drugs, unnecessary prescriptions, and recreational drugs. It’s impossible to achieve high level wellness while taking drugs.

3. Eat meals on time. Eat smaller meals more often. Avoid over eating. Go on a fast or a naturopathic raw juice detoxification program on a regular basis.

4. Eat two large health salads each day. Add two tablespoons of cold pressed, organic, unprocessed super oil, high in Omega 3 and 6 and essential fatty acids (not olive oil). Drink at least one green drink every day.

5. Begin a daily fitness program that includes strength and cardio vascular training. Do not quit. Do not miss. Do not make excuses.

6. Avoid all so-called immunizations, flu shots and vaccinations. In 200 years they have never been proven to be effective or safe. Question any doctor recommending them in light of the science now available about the autism connection.

7. Avoid high radiation CT/PET Scans. They expose you to radiation equivalent to Nagasaki after the atomic bomb explosion. Avoid all unnecessary surgical, chemotherapy and drug procedures. Ask your doctor for alternatives.

8. Get your weight under control at all costs. Do not procrastinate. Obesity is a major contributor to over 200 medical conditions.

9. If you’re really serious about your health, pray, meditate and/or read God’s Word daily. Prayer, meditation, Bible reading and Sabbath keeping have been scientifically proven to do more for your total health than any other single activity.

10. Have an alternative medical doctor test and evaluate you using the latest scientific breakthroughs in laboratory blood diagnostics for nutrition, metabolic and hormonal assessment. Based on the findings of your individual biochemistry, definitive recommendations concerning your foods, detoxifications, fitness and supplements can be made.

Dr. Sorge has been in private Naturopathic Medicine practice since 1964. He can be reached at