7 Days to Happiness – Stress Management Tips – Pure Genius! These Quick and Easy Brain Based Tips will Bust Your Stress in Fun Ways. In this course I’ll take you through 7 quick and easy, proven and portable exercises that bust your stress and boost your mood. My name is Kellie Edwards and I’m a Psychologist, Mindfulness Teacher and I’ve been a passionate champion of happy lives for over 25 years. https://www.udemy.com/7-days-to-happiness/

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Becoming a Resilient Person – The Science of Stress Management This course gives you the permission to take care of yourself by learning the skills to manage stress and optimize wellbeing. Chronic stress can take its toll on us. Research has shown that people can learn and use specific resilience skills in order to better manage stress, bounce back quicker after a setback, develop stronger relationships. Resilience is ordinary magic and can be learned. Free online. https://www.edx.org/course/becoming-resilient-person-science-stress-uwashingtonx-ecfs311x-0#!

Wellness Coach Certificate: Complete Coaching System Get our 7 day work life balance system for instant stress relief & an advanced 30 day stress management coaching system. Use our stress storm formula to help your clients uncover their stress triggers and build a work life balance step-by-step empowerment action plan plus so much more.https://www.udemy.com/work-life-balance-empowerment-solution-for-women-in-business/