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Futures and Options Market – This course by UC Davis and Professor Colin Carter of agricultural and resource economics focuses on the institutional structure and economic functions of futures and options markets, includes hedging, risk, return, pricing forecast, treasury bonds, options trades, and more.

Financial Market Analysis – Learn the fundamentals of finance that are essential for both investors and policymakers. Gain an understanding of the firm fundamentals that can explain why a stock price may go up or down, or why it might be higher for one company in comparison to another. Apply these fundamentals at the economy-wide level to analyze valuations of the stock market as a whole. Gain insight into investors’ decisions. Criteria an investor uses to determine how to construct the best possible portfolio of risky assets. Understand how monetary policy affects the risk and return properties of financial investments.!

Introduction to financial services The origins and consequences of the financial crisis that brought many banks and other financial institutions to their knees. The course looks at aspects of changes in the financial services sector that laid the foundations for the boom in the financial services industry in the years up until the crisis in the late 2000s.

Public Ownership – Going public is not a realistic choice for most businesses. But for a business with a growing and sustainable product or service, public ownership could become an ultimate goal. At the same time, it is a highly complex process. This session will help you evaluate whether going public is right for your business. Offered FREE online by My Own Business Institute,