Appraisal of Real Estate – The American School of Business offers Appraisal Licensing & Continuing Education courses offered days, evenings, and on Saturday’s at training centers Call American School of Business 1-800-288-5154 for a FREE BROCHURE

Green Earth Equities (GEE) – Effective Green Renovating, The ABC’s of Green Residential Remodeling consist of about a dozen options that can transform the worst energy waster on the block to the most efficient home in the neighborhood. GEE provides a free hierarchical guide enabling energy wise residential renovators to get past the hype and get the most energy savings bang for the buck. Once completed, this along with the WOW and Done Packages make excellent selling point in person or in advertising.

Real Estate Capital Markets – This half-semester course introduces and surveys the major public capital market real estate vehicles, REITs and MBS (with primary emphasis on CMBS). Some background is also included in basic modern portfolio theory and equilibrium asset pricing. This course is primarily designed to provide MSRED students with a basic introduction to the public capital market sources of financial capital for real estate, and how those markets value such capital investments.

Real Estate Investing: Advanced Investment Analysis Learn professional real estate investing concepts and techniques to pick winners in investment real estate Learn to confidently use professional real estate investment techniques and evaluate both residential AND commercial real estate opportunities. Structure investments with business partners in a smart and equitable way via the waterfall framework Know how to identify and mitigate investment risks.

Real Estate Math Made Easy: Pass Your Licensing Exam Get Over Your Math Anxiety to Pass Your Real Estate Licensing Exam and Build A Successful Real Estate Career! Covers 9 ESSENTIAL REAL ESTATE MATH TOPICS: Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, Basic Applications of Percentages, Commissions, Qualifying for a Loan, Interest and Mortgages, Area and Volume, Legal Descriptions of Land, Appraisal Methods & Closing Statements.