Basic Nursing Theory An introduction to nursing, covering basic nursing science concepts and an introduction to nursing assessment. The nursing assessment focus is on data collection and nursing diagnosis. Emphasis is with adults in long-term and community setting. Free online.

Certified Pediatric Technician – Educated in nursing, medical, emotional, behavioral challenges, social and protective services for children with emphasis on handicapped & special needs child. 300 hours. National Cert. upon graduation. 908-232-6484 .

Human Body as a Machine (HBAM) The human body is made up of many individual parts that work together in a highly interactive and coordinated way. This course introduces the building blocks that make up the body, and how these are structured and maintained at a cellular level. We highlight the cardiovascular, hormonal and nervous systems, as critical coordination and control parts of the body. FREE online

Introduction to Simulation Education in Healthcare – how it’s used and the value it provides learners and patients. Being a great clinical educator does not always translate into being a great simulation educator. Learn best practices for simulation in healthcare education and why it’s so important.

Understanding Common Diseases – health and disease, its management and prevention
Understanding the ways in which the major body systems function including the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal tract and the respiratory tract, How blood pressure is normally regulated, How blood sugar levels are normally regulated