Advertising and Society created by Duke Univ, this course examines the relation of advertising to society, culture, history, and the economy. Using contemporary theories about visual communications, learn to analyze the complex levels of meaning in print ads and tv commercials. Covers a wide range of topics, including interpretation of ads, the depiction of race, class, gender, and sexuality in advertising, sex and selling, adverting and ethics, and the future of advertising.

The complete course to creating TV ads. Beginning to intermediate level training in producing/editing TV ads and mastering digital media. entry to intermediate level training in TV, and Digital Media, Computer Multimedia Applications, Media Production, Pre-Production, and Post production, Distribution and Formats and Digital Audio Production. Students will use computers, video cameras, tripods, microphones, lights and industry software.

How I Reached 4 Million Website Visitors With No Advertising by Susie Romans • Lead Generation, Website Traffic and List Building Expert Learn how I attracted millions of visitors to my website naturally with blogs, social media & email marketing. Zero ads! Every single strategy I teach in this course is easy to implement. You do not need to be techy. Nothing is kept secret – I reveal everything I did to reach millions.

Integrated Marketing Communications: Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Marketing and more. Understand the most important issues when planning and evaluating marketing communications strategies and executions. Combine the appropriate theories and models with practical information to make better marketing communications decisions. Use integrated marketing communications (IMC) in the process of creating valuable brands and winning your consumers.

Sales Enhancement Institute Learn from one of the leading sales programs in America for beginners and experienced. “The hum an side of the sales process.” Classes offered days, evenings and weekends.Call for schedule 1-888-226-5051.

Sell & Spin: the History of Advertising – If we know one thing about advertising for sure, we know that we don’t like it — or at least we don’t like many of its current manifestations.

Selling Ideas: How to Influence Others and Get Your Message to Catch On Learn how to use social media and word of mouth to spread your message and grow your business. Make messages stick, Generate more word of mouth, Get your products, ideas, and messages to catch on, Leverage the power of social media, Influence others more effectively

Social Media Marketing Manage Your Social Strategies created by NorthWestern Univ. Learn to match markets to social strategies to profitably grow your business. Use social media tools and platforms to design, manage, and optimize social campaigns to promote growth and position your brand in the global digital marketplace, and develop targeted content to spark dialogue with various social communities. Expand your online audience and establish your social brand in five courses.