Contemporary Issues in Ocean Governance – The basics of how the world’s oceans are governed
Topics include: The fundamentals of maritime jurisdiction, Why piracy is still with us, and how countries combat it today, The international mechanisms to protect ships and shipping around the globe, The international structures dealing with the protection of the marine environment and the sustainable use of marine living resources​

International Business Environment and Global Strategy – What role history and leadership play in shaping the environment, How companies’ strategies are affected by the environment, How the rules of the game set by global institutions, such as the WTO, affect business and human welfare, for example, through the pricing of AIDS drugs in developing countries like South Africa, How diverse stakeholders, including NGOs, shape the business environment and affect company strategies, How companies and NGOs create value at the bottom of the pyramid, Learn how the social, political, economic and institutional factors affect international business environments and global strategies.

International Business Management Gain management skills and mindset needed for international business success from the world-renowned Thunderbird School of Global Management. Topics include:
Analytical tools for understanding rapidly changing global political economy.
Effective communication strategies for interpersonal encounters.
Mix of organizational practices and people essential for sustaining competitive advantage globally.
How value is created via customer relationships and their strategic implications in the context of competitor and value-chain.
Skills, mindset and understanding of how to be successful in a globalized marketplace.

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