Excel Skills for Insurance Professionals From Vlookups to Pivot Tables: Learn the Excel basics anyone working in the insurance industry needs to know! If you are looking for, or already have a job in the insurance industry and want to take your Excel skills from beginner to intermediate, this course is for you! We’ll start at the beginning where you’ll learn important keystrokes and formulas and then move onto Pivot Tables and graphs. At the end of the course we’ll discuss how to apply these skills to create effective and professional exhibits that will impress your colleagues. https://www.udemy.com/excel-skills-for-insurance-professionals/

Introduction to Actuarial Science This course readies you for a career as an actuary in finance, investments, banking or insurance.
The basics of actuarial science
Valuing series of cash flows
Incorporating uncertainty into cash flows due to investment and mortality
Monte-Carlo simulation of uncertain cash flows in Excel (or an equivalent spreadsheet tool)
Applying actuarial techniques to life insurance and predicting human life expectancy
How actuarial science is used in finance, investments, banking and insurance

Obamacare – What Everyone Should Know About Health Insurance Learn how Obamacare impacts you and your family. Get insurance information that affects millions just like you.
What are the Plans under Obamacare, Pros and Cons of Obamacare, What is the Health Care Exchange?, Target Groups to Watch under Obamacare, Is Anyone Exempt from Obamacare?, Penalty for not Participating in Obamacare., When is the Enrollment Period?, Employer Sponsored Plans, Can’t Afford Health Insurance? https://www.udemy.com/how-does-obamacare-the-affordable-care-act-work/