Biofeedback Certification Training: EEG/Neurofeedback Certification Training: FREE Intro courses. Call 877-669-6463, 914-762-4646; APA, BCIA, Accredited. Also, Equip. Sales & Service.

Business Model Innovation: Global Health in Frontier Markets – This course explores successful approaches to delivering healthcare in challenging settings. We analyze organizations to find why some fall short while others grow in size and contribute to the health of the people they serve, and explore promising business models and social enterprise innovations.

Health Informatics in the Cloud offered by Georgia Tech, to provide a broad, forward-facing overview of health informatics (HIT), a specialized field of computing that seeks to improve quality and efficiency in healthcare delivery. It is divided into three sections: 1) US healthcare delivery and key role of the federal government in promoting HIT adoption; 2) Core technologies that drive all contemporary HIT systems and tools; 3) Real world applications of HIT from electronic medical and personal health records to exploiting digital data aggregated from them for research and other purposes FREE online–ud809

Hormone Health – learn about Hormone and Endocrine Disruptors online. course includes:
The Dirty Dozen. Everything You Want To Know About “The Dirty Dozen”
Hormones – Beyond The Basics Health Academy Podcast

Laughter Yoga University – Did you know that more calories are burned during laughter than the same amount of time spent on a cycling machine? Additional benefits of laughter are that it oxygenates the blood, releases endorphins, alleviates tension, boosts immunity, facilitates social connection, supports emotional well-being, improves mental functioning, promotes a positive attitude and is energizing and fun. Get a D.O.S.E. (D- Dopamine, O-Oxytocin, S-Serotonin, E-Endorphin) from laughter every day! Click here

Power of the Mind in Health and Healing – A science-based course about using the power of your mind to heal your body and maximize your intuition. Feeling grounded guided meditation
Using your breath as a starting place, Mindfulness practices for stress reduction, Proven health benefits of meditation, Epigenetics – turning genes on and off, Meditation turns genes on and off, Self-directed neuroplasticity, Imagination triggers neuroplasticity, Overcoming your resistance to meditation

The Opioid Crisis in America Learn about the opioid epidemic in the United States, including information about treatment and recovery from opioid addiction. Across seven lessons, you will learn about the origins and spread of opioid use, misuse, and addiction. Explore the impact of opioid misuse on the individual, family, and community. Information about the differences between men and women when it comes to addiction and treatment, as well as the particular risks of opioid addiction in young people. Throughout the course, you will see and hear stories from people who are in recovery and those who have lost family members to overdose. Learn about a wide variety of treatment options available to people with addiction.!

PSYC 123: The Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food discusses issues such as sustainable agriculture, organic farming, genetically modified foods, nutrition policy, and the influence of food and agriculture industries. Also examined are problems such as malnutrition, eating disorders, and the global obesity epidemic; the impact of food advertising aimed at children; poverty and food; Also, be sure and check out lecture # 5

The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch Certification in Yoga instruction. Call for a free training manual, 1-800-783-YOGA or 845-436-6492

Use Your Health & Fitness Expertise to Earn A Living Online This course is for health and fitness professionals who are ready for a change. Take your career to a whole new level by building your Personal Brand and becoming a trusted Authority in your area of expertise.
Find the online niche that is perfect for your skills and experience
Discover how your expertise can be used to create valuable products online
Learn how easy (and inexpensive) it is to produce professional digital products
Develop strong online selling skills that will start earning consistent revenue