Construction Finance – expands the knowledge of a construction project manager to include an understanding of economics and the mathematics of money, an essential component of every construction project. Topics covered include the time value of money, the definition and calculation of the types of interest rates, and the importance of Cash Flow Diagrams. Created by Columbia University.

Debt-Reduction/Credit Counseling Seminars-“Does your credit reflect you? Image Matters!” Maintaining a good credit history is essential. Reduce your credit payment and free up your money to save. Learn how.

Finance for Non-Financial Professionals – impact your financial decisions and learn how to affect the performance of your profitability. Gain a basic understanding of finance and accounting concepts to drive growth. Selected aspects of finance from a non-financial specialist perspective. Specific topics include: financial analysis; planning, forecasting, and budgeting; cash flow, and strategic financing. Created by UC Irvine.

Financial Markets – Professor Robert Shiller, 2013 Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences, explores the topic of Financial Markets in this eight module course. Includes basic principles of finance and risk markets, debt vs equity, monetary policy, elements of financial infrastructure, futures and options markets and more.

Management – International Finance – International financial transactions, purchasing power parity, currency boards and currency basket systems, value at-risk foreign exchange, currency swaps, and much more. FREE at

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