Conscious Cooking Online with the Practice of Food & Yoga
Cooking is rapidly becoming a lost skill in the home, but cooking at home is a direct contributor to personal health. Now you can learn the skills, techniques, and knowledge you need to truly discover culinary health.

Culinary Health: Anti-Inflammatory Foods March 11 @ 6:30 pm CST – 9:00 pm CSTThis menu features foods known to be anti-inflammatory in nature (purple potatoes, soy, olive oil, mushrooms, tomato juice, citrus fruits, walnuts, broccoli). Explore the science behind anti-inflammatory foods, and learn about specific foods that are anti-inflammatory as well as how inflammation works in the body and why it can be problematic. Natural Epicurean is located in Austin, Texas for on-site classes. This course is available online at

Harvard’s Science and Cooking lectures on Youtube or on iTunes. “The Science of Good Cooking” with a couple of editors from Cook’s Illustrated, will certainly help build an intellectual framework for those of us who want to improve our cooking — and even those of us who can already cook decently, or at least reliably follow a recipe — but can’t quite attain the next level without understanding exactly what happens when we flick on the heat.

Living Light Culinary Institute Experience our world-renowned culinary and nutrition classes no matter where you live! Let us help you create a healthier lifestyle and learn how to make incredible raw vegan recipes you can easily prepare at home. Whether you’re a complete beginner, a seasoned chef, or are simply curious about how to add more healthy plant-based recipes to your repertoire, we’ve got the experience, integrity, and time-tested raw food curriculum you’ve been looking for – ONLINE.

Plant-Based Cooking Mastery Program Perfect your culinary skills and learn the art of nourishing plant-based cooking with certified health coach and wellness chef, Christine Waltermyer, founder of the Natural Kitchen Cooking School. Comprehensive 4-Month Program is an extensive natural cooking and wellness program teaching all of the fundamentals of natural foods and plant-based cooking. Includes group coaching calls, instructional cooking videos, delicious recipes & course materials, email access and support from Christine to build your confidence to make delicious healthy meals, perfect your knife skills and discover all the essentials of healthy plant-based cuisine.

Principles of Human Nutrition
Develop an understanding of the major food sources, metabolism and storage of the major food molecules carbohydrate, protein and fat (the macronutrients), alcohol, vitamins and minerals (the micronutrients), and water, and be aware of the consequences of over and under-nutrition. Students will also develop an understanding of the principles of energy balance.