Creative Activism: This class explores the potentials of creative media activism through media interventions and participation in cultural, political and social debates. Looking at how media activists and campaigners have used their media knowledge, connections and skills to ask difficult questions, provoke debate and raise awareness of important issues and problems in their local, national and international communities. This class is aimed at creative people and activists who want to make a difference and creative positive change in the world.

Gamification & Behavioral Design: The Octalysis Framework
Learn the 8 Core Drives that motivate us all (beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards) Understand how the brain works, How to trigger motivations, Be able to apply behavioral design to all sorts of aspects in their lives, such as fundraising, sales, team motivation, parenting, teaching, relationships, be able to identify the differences between White Hat Motivation (makes people feel powerful but not sense of urgency) and Black Hat Motivation (makes people feel urgent and obsessed, but leads to burn-out)

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Media Research Methods by Arizona State University:
Statistics and the Media, Understanding Samples, Studies and Relationships, Searching for More: Search Engines, Libraries, and More, Leading Questions and Bias, Polls and Sampling,The Placebo Effect plus 20 more sessions to view FREE in ITunes as part of this course.

Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety:
This course is to help students prepare and deliver excellent presentations to a variety of audiences in every field of study. Speakers include faculty members experienced in public presentations as well as UC Davis communication scholar Michael Motley, whose research on issues in public speaking has gained a national reputation. Go to Itunes U

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