Access Training Services, INC. Asbestos, Lead-based paint, hazorduous materials/waste, OSHA 10 and 30 hour outreach and numerous other ,safety programs. On-site training available.
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Architecture Studio: Building in Landscapes – Free Online Course – Jan Wampler, MIT, Students learn to build appropriately through analysis of landscape and climate for a chosen site, and to conceptualize design decisions through drawings and models.

History of Architecture – Free Online Course – Jacqueline Gargus, Ohio State. This course features 39 video lectures for a classic survey of Western architecture. Begins in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, laying the conceptual foundations for what’s to come. Then into Islamic, Byzantine and Medieval architecture, before spending a good deal of time with Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo styles.

Irrigation Technician Learn automatic lawn sprinkler system design, installation, troubleshooting & service. Ask about our “Earn as you learn”. Water Wizard Sprinkler Systems
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Project Manager Certificate Program The tools and techniques to manage the comprehensive project management life cycle for a project – from initiation through closing.
• Balance the critical tradeoffs of time, cost and scope to meet customer expectations.
• Lead a project to success, and how to capitalize on the leadership and behavioral facets to do so.
• Navigate social and cultural aspects, legal and regulatory practices, technology and infrastructure that influence projects’ success in the global market.

The School of Entrepreneurship – The Ultimate Online Leadership School for Home Improvement/Service Contractors. learn how to:
Understand and impact your business – physical, functional and financial models; Hire the right people and build a winning team; Manage a winning schedule; Set goals and get your team to achieve them; Capture every lead instead of losing opportunities right in your own office; Sell and teach others to sell – a complete, proven sales program is included; Motivate your production teams for high performance; Carve a profit out of any gross sales volume.

Structures 2 – Free iTunes Video – Peter von Buelow, University of Michigan. This course covers basic principles of elastic behavior for different materials such as wood, steel, concrete, and composite materials and compares the properties and applications of materials generally. It investigates cross sectional stress and strain behavior in flexure and in shear, and torsion as well as the stability of beams and columns.

Theory of City Form: Free online course- covers theories about the form settlements could take and attempts a distinction between descriptive and normative theory. Examples of various theories of city form over time; origins of the modern city; theories about emerging form, including the transformation of the nineteenth-century city and its organization. Current issues of city form in relation to city-making, social structure, and physical design will also be discussed and analyzed.