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Energy Decisions, Markets and Policies: Learn to to use the tools of social sciences to understand and shape real energy decisions, markets, and policies.
Topics include the role of markets and prices, financial analysis of new energy-related technologies; institutional path dependence; economic and political determinants of government regulation; the impact of regulation on decisions and feedback into the political/regulatory/energy system. Examples will be drawn from various countries and settings with cost-benefit, organizational, and institutional analyses of energy production, transformation, and use as well as public policy choices affecting distribution and consumption.

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Renewable Energy & Alternative Fuels: FREE online video – Intro to the legal, economic, and structural issues that both shape our energy practices and provide opportunities to overcome these critical problems. Focuses on regulation and design of electricity systems and markets, since so many energy choices—the use of oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, the green alternatives such as solar, wind, and energy conservation or demand side management— relate to the way we generate or deliver electricity, or avoid the need to do so