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Media Literacy

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Media Literacy Critical Thinking and Culture in the 21st century By Rhoda Sims Molta “. . . Analyses of contemporary media should be undertaken vigorously. {and the teacher should} call attention to how the medium affects the audience.” – Neil Postman, Teaching as a Conserving Activity, 1979 Now deceased, renowned media analyst, Neil Postman, author of 18 books on the effects of media in the culture, viewed technology and media as synonymous. In his book, Teaching as a Conserving Activity, Neil Postman said technological inventions “lead to a reconceptualization of what there is to see, how things might be seen and what there is to know . . . Technology is always an idea disguised as a piece of machinery.” Postman compared technology to the brain, which can be seen as an instrument complete with hard wiring; media is likened to the mind because it is through the mind that we use technology. The ‘new media,’ produce benefits as well as negative consequences. Postman chose to discuss the negative aspects of what he termed new media:

from photo to instagram what is the intent of the media?

1) New media are destroying the idea of childhood, which is a social construct as much a matter of biology. Nike Air Max 90 Honeycomb Heren Children are sent to school to learn as they grow, in developmentally appropriate ways. But media presents all of life, in its complexity and violence, to children of all ages. How do children interpret the images and language, frequently unmediated and readily available in the new media? 2) New media have changed the meaning of information from tools to be used as solutions to problems, to commodities to be bought and sold. Throughout history the scarcity of information hampered problem solving. Today, we are bombarded with more information than we can use, and more we can’t do anything about. Much of the facts stand alone, disconnected from cause and effect and presented as disjointed pieces of information. How is the newscast related to real life? And who are we, Postman asked, when we’re watching TV? What conclusions do we draw from what we see, hear, or read in the media? 3) The new media elevate technology to god-like status when individuals believe innovation equals human progress. What about introducing reflection into the process of passive acceptance? In the age of science, technology and calculation, Postman asked, what happened to our faith in human judgment? 4) The new media, from the invention of photography in the 1840s through the development of filmmaking, mass advertising, radio and television, diminishes the importance of literacy in the culture. The history of literacy is found in writing associated with enlightened developments in science, religious freedom, and political democracy, sharpening analytical thought and rationality. Use media in the classroom as objective inquiry; study TV as a “curious cultural object: not as an audio-visual aid. Popular music, films, television and the use of technology can form the bridge to enhance students’ analytical reasoning throughout the curriculum. Technology is essentially a moral and social issue at all times, Postman believed. Media & Literacy Simply because people are reading, listening to or viewing media doesn’t indicate understanding. Educators realize that reorganizing words does not indicate reading comprehension; thinking is required as well. Any teacher who has shown a film in class can attest to its effect on students, frequently equal to that of young children in front of cartoons on television; are they thinking or simply mesmerized? “Media education recognizes that raw information is probably worse than useless if people do not have the skills to organize, evaluate and make it work for them” (Leveranz & Tyner, 1993) REFLECTION & COMMUNICATION Media education provides an organizing structure enabling teachers to share the power of thinking with students, to show them ‘the way in,’ making sense of the vast array of electronic knowledge. Media educators often start from an inquiry model predicated on what students believe is important to them. Interestingly, this model is the same one many educators know as Reader Response Theory, which begins classroom discussions of literature and textbook readings from information students deem noteworthy. Students take responsibility for their choices, explaining their points of view, seeking to persuade their peers, and thinking critically about their decisions. Teachers facilitate discussion, guiding students’ understanding. Educators working in the inquiry model see students overcome their resistance to thinking; motivation overtakes lethargy in the classroom. Viewed from the perspective of critical thinking, and the requirement for higher order thinking skills in the classroom, media literacy becomes part of the expanded definition of literacy in the world today. Nike Air Max 2016 Dame Literacy, in any medium, is the process of understanding sufficiently to question and to rearrange ideas. Through the interplay of thinking, learning occurs. Active learning includes active viewing and listening, in which many potential meanings are available. Any meaning, however, remains elusive until viewers, listeners, or readers begin to make connections. Meaning resides in the reader, the one who interprets the textbook or the novel. It is the reader who chooses what to focus on, and this focus may not be what an author intended. In any case, it is the reader who makes specific connections in the text. These connections become the meaning of the text for the engaged reader. When educators invite student inquiry into the classroom, it is not solely the teacher who is responsible for the learning; the learner is an equal partner. Students often lack the ability to transfer knowledge, to re-integrate the discrete skills and disparate pieces of information. In education today, reform seeks to focus on analytical reasoning, the thinking skills required in a complex world. Values in Culture The Center for Media Literacy, available at offers educators resources for the classroom. The Center’s founder, Elizabeth Thoman, echoed, “You can’t escape todays media culture. Media no longer just influence our culture. They are our culture,” The goal is no longer “inoculation,’ the protection against popular culture and the media, but greater understanding of the role of media in life today and in the future. Thoman, a former English teacher, directly connected educational goals to media literacy, which she called “a process and a way of thinking that, like reading comprehension, is always evolving. It’s an illusion that media somehow ought to be ‘value free,’ It cannot and never will be. Our job as educators is to teach critical thinking and critical reading of all media so that people young and old, can recognize what values are embedded, and accept or reject them.” Media Ecology More than three decades ago, Neil Postman proposed ‘Media Ecology’ as the descriptive term for the study of how technology and information sources contribute to culture. Understanding the effects of the media, he believed, will “help youth to step outside of and above their information environment so that they can see where they are located.” Understanding the effects of media can be examined in all grade levels. Stepping above, or “having one’s consciousness raised,” as Dr. Postman advocated, may be compared to the general focus on metacognitive strategies, that is, understanding how we think. Through understanding the process of thinking and learning, students can better monitor the acquisition and integration of knowledge. Active student engagement in the classroom encourages collaborative model learning. It is education which re-connects knowledge to real-world inquiry, showing students how to formulate the questions, to create and to solve problems of genuine value to them. Nieuwe Air Max Students’ opinions when shared reveal intriguing bases of knowledge on which to expand or further clarify learning. Neil Postman believed that media education is an effective tool in teaching rhetoric and persuasion. Critical thinking strategies can enhance classroom inquiry. Across the curriculum, students learn to document their findings, write to persuade their peers and wider audiences, engage in story telling, predicting and debates or role play designed to challenge inferential reasoning skills. “Culture evolves; it is dynamic . . . American culture like any other is not what it was, nor what it will be. As a reflection of society, schools should be places where a match can be made between the student and his world.” – Rosenman, 1994 What do students understand of the ideas tossed around in the media, in sound bites on TV news, 22-minute programs in a series, or lead paragraphs under attention-grabbing headlines? Entertainment wrapped around commercials targets its market and achieves its goals to produce consumers. For those whose news is TV news, the trend is disturbing. Tom Brokaw once said, “if it bleeds, it leads.” Hard news is typically pushed aside in favor of the sensational. What does this mean to young people? Do we ask them? For educators, and parents, concerned with students’ ability to read, write and make sense of the world, consider young people’s opinions of how they spend time, frequently taken up with an assortment of media and technology. Ask them to muster the evidence to persuade that these opinions and habits are worth their time and interest. In their real life, they will communicate to persuade others, as well as themselves. It is thinking that counts, analysis and reasoning. Students’ had best learn how to question their world, to comprehend the action and not merely watch it, to construct their world through thinking rationally, not passively accept images offered. References: Leveranz, D and K Tyner, “Inquiring Minds Want to Know: What is Media Literacy?” The Independent, Aug/Sept 1993 Postman, Neil. Teaching as a Conserving Activity. Nike Air Max 90 Bloemeny Heren&Dame NY: Delacorte Press. Nike Air Max 90 BR Heren 1979 Rosenman, A. and D. Considine, “Media Literacy and Multicultural Education,” Telemedium, The Journal of Media Literacy, Spring 1994 Thoman, E., “Media Literacy: Educating for Today and Tomorrow,” ASCD Curriculum/Technology Quaterly, Spring 1993 Rhoda Sims Molta is an educational consultant whose work focuses on higher-order thinking skills. She has worked with Educational Testing Service, the NJ Dept of Education and numerous school districts.

To Be Responsible for Health

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How To Take Responsibility For Your Health & Wellness By Robert H. Sorge, N.D., Ph.D. The reality is our government’s so-called health care system is bankrupt. Why? Because it is an unrealistic ponzie scheme created by the disingenuous political leaders who made the same irresponsible promises in the past. Our government can’t even render proper care to our veterans who fought to defend our country. Nike Air Max 90 Dames How is it going to take on the responsibility of millions of morbidly obese baby boomers who stuff themselves with super-sized fast foods and sugary soft drinks? The idea that the government or some other entity is responsible for your health and wellness promotes other false ideas, such as, ideas that you can eat anything you want or that nutrition, exercise, weight, vitamins and life style have no relationship to the treatment or prevention of disease, or the idea of ‘better living through chemistry’. If you are willing to face reality, then acknowledge you are responsible for your health and wellness. What To Do? 1. Get off of all junk foods, sugars, foodless foods, devitalized foods, coffee, soda, margarine, white flour products, fried foods, hydrogenated oils, candy, donuts, fast foods, beer, wine and liquor. If you smoke, quit. Don’t permit smokers to light up in your presence. Second hand smoke kills. 2. Begin to become substance free. Check with your doctor as to how to get off over-the-counter drugs, unnecessary prescriptions, and recreational drugs. It’s impossible to achieve high level wellness while taking drugs. 3. Eat meals on time. Eat smaller meals more often. Nike Air Presto Schoenen Dame Goedkoop Avoid over eating. Go on a fast or a naturopathic raw juice detoxification program on a regular basis. 4. Eat two large health salads each day. Add two tablespoons of cold pressed, organic, unprocessed super oil, high in Omega 3 and 6 and essential fatty acids (not olive oil). Drink at least one green drink every day. 5. Begin a daily fitness program that includes strength and cardio vascular training. Do not quit. Do not miss. Do not make excuses. 6. Avoid all so-called immunizations, flu shots and vaccinations. In 200 years they have never been proven to be effective or safe. NIKE AIR MAX 2017 HEREN DAME LOVERS ZWART WIT Question any doctor recommending them in light of the science now available about the autism connection. 7. Avoid high radiation CT/PET Scans. They expose you to radiation equivalent to Nagasaki after the atomic bomb explosion. Nike Air Max 90 VT Heren Avoid all unnecessary surgical, chemotherapy and drug procedures. Ask your doctor for alternatives. Nike Air Max 1 Heren 8. Get your weight under control at all costs. Do not procrastinate. Obesity is a major contributor to over 200 medical conditions. 9. If you’re really serious about your health, pray, meditate and/or read God’s Word daily. Prayer, meditation, Bible reading and Sabbath keeping have been scientifically proven to do more for your total health than any other single activity. 10. Have an alternative medical doctor test and evaluate you using the latest scientific breakthroughs in laboratory blood diagnostics for nutrition, metabolic and hormonal assessment. Based on the findings of your individual biochemistry, definitive recommendations concerning your foods, detoxifications, fitness and supplements can be made. Dr. Nike Free Run 2 Goedkoop Sorge has been in private Naturopathic Medicine practice since 1964.

Biofeedback & Stress Management

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Stress, Wellness & Biofeedback By Harry Campbell Stress has long been connected to illness. It directly affects our level of wellness. Estimates say that 75 – 90 percent of all primary care doctor visits are for stress related problems. Just about every system of the body can be damaged by stress. When the body reacts to stress over and over, it can lead to muscle tension, neck and back pain, heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes, ulcers, and other stress related sickness that seem to have developed along with modern civilization and lifestyle. Air Max 2015 Dames Goedkoop Hypertension (abnormally high blood pressure) is considered one of the most common risk factors for heart disease. One in four Americans has some sort of heart disease, which kills about one million Americans every year – about 50% of all deaths. 60 million people in the US have hypertension. Numerous studies have demonstrated that people with high blood pressure, especially if it is stress related, can benefit from biofeedback (see One of the most common reasons for increases in blood pressure is due to stress. What can you do about stress? You can increase your ability to better handle the effects of stress and your responses to it. Nike Air Max Dame Goedkoop Biofeedback based treatments help people recognize and control their response to stress. Biofeedback is a tool like a mirror that helps you see if there is something you want to change, what direction to go in, and how much progress you are making in meeting your goal of change. Air Max 2015 Zwart Blauw Rood Goedkoop Bathroom scales and highway lane markings are examples of everyday feedback tools. The process of biofeedback uses electronic instruments to measure the body’s responses to stress. We can measure brain wave activity, muscle tension, skin temperature, skin conductance (sweat activity), heart rate and respiration. Nike Free 5.0 V3 Goedkoop The signals are measured using sensors attached to the body and then connected to a biofeedback instrument. The person connected to the instrument sees what their levels are and how they are changing in response to stress or relaxation. Biofeedback clinicians use instruments to teach people how they react negatively to stress. Nike Free Run 2 Goedkoop They help people learn how to relax using the instruments as a guide. To learn more about careers in biofeedback, free online introductory courses are available at Information about biofeedback certification is also available on the website. Nike Air Max 90 VT Dames You may also call 877-669-6463 or 914-762-4646 for more information.

Green Jobs

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Green Jobs Environmental & Economic Benefits “Green-collar jobs” are here, and they are the fastest growing sector in America. They have the potential to save our environment and economy. This blossoming sector includes technicians in the renewable energy and energy-efficiency industries, in which there are already 8.75 million U.S. Nike FS Lite Run Goedkoop jobs. This past year already set a record number of installations in the US, according to Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). The solar market nearly doubled its annual record, at 14,626 megawatts (MW) of solar photovoltaic (PV) installed in 2016. This represents a 95 percent increase over 2015’s then record-breaking 7,493 MW. GTM Research and SEIA previewed this data in advance of their upcoming U.S. Solar Market Insight report, to be released on March 9. For the first time ever, U.S. solar ranked as the number one source of new electric generating capacity additions on an annual basis. Altogether, solar accounted for 39 percent of new capacity additions across all fuel types in 2016. “What these numbers tell you is that the solar industry is a force to be reckoned with,” said Abigail Ross Hopper, SEIA’s president and CEO. Nike Air Max 95 Prem Tape Dame U.S. is now has more than 1.3 million solar PV installations with a cumulative capacity of over 40 gigawatts. The term “Green Collar Jobs” was first coined by Alan Durning in his 1999 book, Green Collar Jobs. His book examines the move from economic dependence on logging timber to “green-collar” jobs such as sustainable forestry, ecosystem restoration and tourism in the post logging rural towns of the Pacific Northwest. Urban Studies Professor Raquel Pinderhughes, of San Francisco State University, first defined green collar jobs in 2006 as “manual-labor jobs in businesses (or other enterprises) whose products and services directly improve environmental quality.” She identified 22 economic sectors in which green jobs are located, including green building, energy retrofits and sustainable food production. By the year 2030 the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries are poised to generate up to 40 million U.S. jobs and generate $4.5 trillion in revenue if public policies, including a renewable portfolio standard, incentives, public education, and R&D are put in place, according to a recent report. Nike Air Huarache Dame The report was commissioned by the American Solar Energy Society, a leading nonprofit dedicated to advancing the U.S. toward a sustainable energy economy. “Everyone knew the renewable energy boom was coming, it just showed up sooner than anyone expected,” said Neal Lurie, Director of Marketing of the American Solar Energy Society. Internationally renowned energy economist Roger Bezdek, Ph.D., President of Management Information Services, Inc., based in Washington, D.C., led the research. Download the data: Key findings of the report include: The 40 million jobs that could be created in renewable energy and energy efficiency by 2030 include millions of new jobs in manufacturing, construction, accounting, and management. Air Max 2015 Wit Goedkoop Renewable energy and energy efficiency industries today produce nearly $1 trillion in revenue in the U.S. generating more than $150 billion in tax revenue at the federal, state, and local levels. Revenue from the energy efficiency sector, including from energy efficient appliances, insulation, windows and recycling, is currently larger than revenue from renewable energy, but the renewable energy industry is growing much more quickly. Solar, wind, ethanol, and electric vehicles are likely to be some of the hottest areas of growth. Some of the jobs can’t be outsourced, such as Home Energy Star Rater, or solar installer or spray foam operator. For those who are looking for some adventure, hard work, a secure future and want to be in on the nuts and bolts of it, getting some dark green training is advisable, which can come from a combination of “learn as you earn” on the job training, and formal classroom or online study. Nike Air Max Thea Print Heren There are a light green variety of jobs on the horizon for those who aren’t up for the demands of a dark green job, such as bolting down solar panels, or operating a spray foam machine. The light green jobs include salespeople, marketers and managers to handle procurement and sales of Renewable Energy Certificates (REC), administrators and assistants to process paperwork involved with incentives, lobbyists to help pass favorable legislation for the environment and lawyers to handle legal interests of the green business. Becoming certified in a Home Energy Rater System (as a HERS rater), or in the Building Performance Institute (BPI) as a certified energy auditor, is a hot field right now. This usually requires a combination of work in a related area, along with technical classroom training on the latest building science that, if applied, could save a homeowner 20% to 75% on heating, cooling, water and electric bills. The HERS rater or BPI certified energy auditor training is essential to knowing how to use tools like a blower-door to test for air-flow leakage, infra-red cameras to check for insulation levels, gas detectors to test for gas leaks, carbon monoxide detectors for hazardous venting conditions, etc. Consider attending the Home Performance conference this March 19-22 in Nashville, TN. See While some have complained that environmentally-friendly measures might stall economic growth, others, including high-level investors from Wall Street, maintain the move to green is already offering many opportunities. The fact is, per unit of electricity produced, more jobs are created for renewables than for coal, gas-fired or nuclear plants, including all construction and fuel cycles. What’s good for the environment is what’s good for the economy, because a shift to better energy solutions would create jobs, better health, and a sustainable planet.

Promoting Peace in a Chaotic World

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How to Make Peace By David Lucky Mark Twain once said “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” Much the same can be said about world peace. While many people are for world peace, and a lot of lip service is given to it, there isn’t a comprehensive plan about how to achieve it. Air Max 2016 Flyknit Goedkoop The mere act of saying that one is for world peace, simply, is not what is going to bring it about. It seems that many people think world peace is a natural state of affairs, and if we do nothing, then peace shall eventually take its due course. Unfortunately, thousands of years of history prove otherwise. the weather On the other hand, there is no reason to be pessimistic. A good plan and concerted effort may actually help to make the world more peaceful. Regardless of one’s position on the Iraq war, there needs to be a concerted effort at education, information dispersion, and long term peace efforts. Although some defensive measures do need to be taken from time to time, there doesn’t seem to be enough effort toward explaining to the terrorists the errors of their ways. NIKE AIR MAX 2017 HEREN DAME LOVERS ZWART WIT The only message the terrorists are receiving is that of force. And while using some force may be worthwhile, we need to combat them philosophically at the same time. Back in 1999, two years before the 9/11 terrorist acts, I wrote an article in this publication. In the article, I recommended utilizing international peace debates as a means to diffusing tension in the world, and possibly slowing down terrorism. Nike Air Max 90 JCRD Dame Unfortunately the call was not headed, and two years later we experienced the largest terrorist acts this country has ever seen. Nike Darwin Goedkoop Who knows, if peace debates were implemented, they may have created enough positive energy to diffuse those acts of violence. Now, at this stage we can pretend that it never happened, and/or hope that it will never happen again. Some fringe groups have even gone so far as to fool themselves into thinking that the terrorists had nothing to do with it. However, these types of denial of reality will only make it easier for terrorist acts to happen again. Sticking one’s head in the sand and pretending it didn’t happen is certainly not going to prevent it from happening in the future; real, concrete steps need to take place. Here are my recommendations: 1. Nike Air Max 1 Dames Start with the international peace debates. This is a system whereby various opinions and views will be heard by all sides. By getting this all out in the open, and allowing each side to voice their perspectives, we can start debunking faulty theories, and defusing the seeds of violence, which can lead to terrorism. For example, we are constantly hearing about new threats of a Jihad, or a new Holy war. The international peace debates would be a great place to explain to people the errors of their ways. It could be pointed out that the word “jihad” is completely mis-used. The original concept of a jihad had to do with self-improvement. Therefore the idea of a jihad as a way of threatening violence against other innocent people is inherently incorrect and faulty. So, threatening a jihad, then becomes nothing more than threatening to improve one’s own internal struggle against oneself. It is almost the same concept as threatening a holy war. Since wars are not holy, there is no such thing as a “holy war.” The whole concept is a complete oxymoron. These theories and many others can all be completely exposed, and refuted, through the international peace debates. Although there is a lot more to these debates (along with debater teams, and rules, etc.), this is the basics. 2. Another possibility to help sustain our planet is the creation of an “International Peace Channel.” Today there are hundreds of television stations, which focus on a variety of subjects. We have TV channels for sports, news, comedy, sci-fi, for drama, for history, and on, and on, and on. Now, why not have a TV station for international peace? The peace channel could host the international peace debates, as well as various peace speakers and problem solvers throughout the world. It would continue to bring greater awareness and education to people in all countries. Over time, this would all help to create a more peaceful and educated world. One of the rules that I would impose on the peace channel though, is this: You are free to criticize any situation in the world. However, you MUST have a purported better solution. A speaker is not allowed to criticize anything at all, unless he can bring forth a better possible solution. For example, let’s suppose that a speaker does not like the war in Afghanistan. Well that’s all great, and the speaker is free to make his/her case. Nike Air Max 90 JCRD Heren However, at the end of the speech, he must put forth a better and comprehensive plan. He cannot merely say “I don’t like what’s happening,” without offering an alternative. Complaints without real positive solutions at the end are merely just whining complaints, that don’t solve anything. This is also true for many politicians that choose to run on a negative campaign. Essentially, if the world is going to achieve real peace, then we need real solutions – and not just mindless complaints. I have offered some solutions, and hopefully others will too. David Lucky is a global business consultant, international chess master, author and short-films producer.

Art of Networking

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Learn The Art of Networking ​For More Business Success By G. Wyatt, CEO of Office Plus Developing the art of networking is a priceless tool, whether you are an entrepreneur or an ex-employee in search of a great job. Nike Air Max 90 BR Dame Certain strategies are key in effective networking to net you more business or land the job of your dreams. Following are the tactics to employ to get you employed or build your client list. Nike AIR Max 2017 Heren 1st Tactic: ​Be positive! You’ve heard the phrase, “attitude is everything.” Demonstrate enthusiasm for your company as well as theirs. Your current emotional state of being unemployed or hungry for more business may range from confusion, depression, anger, frustration, and a lowered sense of self-confidence. These emotions may hinder your options. Take a deep breath, regain focus and carry on. If you’re trying to get more business, show confidence in your ability to deliver quality, desireable products/services. 2nd Tactic: ​Get Started. Incorporate networking into your lifestyle. Nike Free 5.0 V4 Goedkoop It’s never too late to network. Air Max Thea Goedkoop Use every opportunity available to network today to prepare for the future. Developing a diverse base of contacts may give you the edge when you’re looking for that new job or growing your business. Networkers are continually building relationships with people of common and reciprocal interests. Successful networkers are up front and honest. Networking is not only whom you know but also who they know. You should attempt to extend and refresh your network every time you talk to someone. Begin to create an inner circle. Talk with friends and family and inform them of the type of job or business you are seeking to find. Your inner circle should include your teachers, (past and present), colleagues and neighbors. Discuss your situation with anyone you trust and may likely put in a good word for you. Check for network groups and organizations in your area. Many networking organizations hold weekly and/or monthly meetings that are prime networking opportunities. ​3rd Tactic: Do public relations. Be patient and continually touch base with the contacts you have formed. Nike Air Max 90 Sneakerboots Prm Undeafted Dame Remember to thank anyone who has taken the time to meet with you. A quick thank you note or email can go a long way. Networking is an ongoing task; maintain your lists of contacts. 4th Tactic: ​Build alliances and keep them going.

Smart Ways to Run Your Biz

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Smart Ways to Run Your Biz and Thrive, Even in a Recession or Challenging Economy By Salim Omar, CPA I know that a lot of very big companies have been caught with their pants down, so to speak. And I know that many good, honest folks have lost a lot of money — or even their jobs — during the last 10 years, through no fault of their own. As entrepreneurs, do not hide your heads in the sand and wait for “the good times to roll” again before embarking to grow your businesses! The truth is, NOW is the best time to grow your business! ​The business that survives and thrives during hard times is the one that will be positioned to skyrocket through the roof and outpace its competitors when things get better. In order to thrive during an economic slowdown, you need to know how to do things the smart way, and not waste money on strategies that won’t work. ​I will share with you 6 easy ways to sustain your business and thrive in a recession. ​By implementing these strategies, you’ll be able to acquire new leads, strengthen your relationship with existing customers, AND add new streams of income to your business. Nike Air Max 2014 Heren That means MORE money in your bank account! Here they are: 1) Look at your pricing structure I see that far too many small businesses have thinner profit margins than larger companies because they tend to under price their products or services. Pricing is critical to the success of your business. Nike Air Max Heren As a matter of fact, whenever my firm is engaged by a small business owner to boost their profitability, we look at the business’ pricing structure and often find an untapped surge of new cash and profits by tweaking it (visit my blog at to learn more on the subject of pricing). ​2) Engage in “good” marketing In my recent weekly ezine, I elaborated on this. In a nutshell, make your advertising dollars accountable (i.e. Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Dames track the money you spend and the return you receive from it). Also, DO NOT waste your marketing dollars on “institutional ads”, also known as brand/image building ads. Instead, small business owners MUST use direct response marketing with the sole purpose of the ad to generate a response and additional revenues. Too many business owners are obsessed with chasing down new leads when they should be spending some of that time also figuring out how to sell more products and value added services to their existing customers. PS: To sign up for my free weekly emails, go to Nike Flyknit Air Max Heren It’s fast and easy. ​3) Don’t Overpay Uncle Sam in taxes ​Uncle Sam is always busy creating new tax legislation. This results in hundreds of new tax laws. Make sure your CPA is working for you, not the IRS. Does he or she meet with you for tax planning and to see how you can keep your tax bill the lowest legally possible? 4) Don’t carry the ‘wrong” type of debt It’ll kill you What is the “wrong” kind of debt to amass in business? The following would make the list: credit card debt, car-dealership vehicle loans/leases, personal loans at high rates, high mortgage balance, etc. Any debt that either is not necessary or that can be refinanced at terms that are more favorable is the wrong kind of debt. Plan to systematically review every outstanding loan and try to find a way to either pay it off (without compromising growth, of course) or refinance at a lower rate. 5) Use your time wisely ​Too often, I see small business owners occupied with tasks that could be delegated. If you expect to earn $100k or more, don’t spend your time doing $12-$20/hour clerical types of activities. You’ll never reach your income goals this way. Don’t be shy to delegate those types of activities so your time and energies can be spent on high value projects and tasks. Be “ritualistic” when it comes to your day. For example, start each day with mind nourishment activities (i.e., read a book, listen to a CD, etc). ​ Then “block” time on your calendar to do the most important, high value type of work in the early part of the day. Don’t leave that for later in the day. Finally, answer phone calls and emails during designated times of the day. Managing your time and using it wisely will make a world of difference to the level of success you will attain, despite a challenging economy. 6) Develop a relationship with your customers/clients/patients ​Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers ALL of the time. The biggest assets in any business, and the ones to assign the highest value to, are the relationships you have with your customers. To my dismay, the majority of small business owners I talk to don’t maintain an up-to-date database of their most important asset (their customers) with key information like birthdays, anniversary dates, etc. The few that do maintain a current database don’t have a strategic plan of meaningfully getting in touch with their customers on a regular basis. This is a detrimental mistake. To learn more, call Salim at (732) 566-3660. Air Max 2015 Zwart Blauw Goedkoop ​Salim Omar, CPA is a leading tax authority for small businesses in New Jersey. Nike Air Max Dame Goedkoop He is the author of Straight Talk About Small Business Success In New Jersey, now available on